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Z Networks Complete IT Service Solutions

We take IT seriously


Our clients success means our success. We have a 98% client retention rate.


Less than 1% of our inbound calls go to voicemail.

IT Consulting

We make IT Easy


Check on the status, billable hours, and resolution of your ticket from within your personalized Dashboard.


Communication history including emails and phone calls all documented within each ticket.


Our detailed notes document all the steps taken to resolve your issue. Along with documenting future suggestions to prevent any future issues.


Project steps mapped out and approved prior to starting so that you know what each project takes, and how long it should take to complete.


Billing history, payment history, and upcoming billing projections available from within Dashboard.


Recurring issues are easily detected from Dashboard by Z Networks. We take steps to help prevent recurring issues and suggestions to save you time.

All the above managed within Dashboard, our proprietary compliance based cloud application.

We have IT covered

Quick Response

24/7 around the clock support. Get a real person from one of our local offices on the phone every time you call.


When you partner with Z Networks, you partner with a company whose proactive approach to IT will give you the peace of mind you need.

Pain-Free transition

Switching from your old IT provider to Z Networks is easy. Most packages come with free onboarding.

Remote Helpdesk

Call or email Z Networks for 24/7, around the clock remote support. Resolving issues remotely allows you to resume work as quickly as possible.

Onsite Helpdesk

Z Networks sends technicians on-site to resolve issues that cannot be fixed remotely. On-site support comes with no travel charges, and is part of our white glove service.

Project Management

Z Networks manages, organizes, and completes projects of all sizes. Have Z Networks take accountability for all of your IT projects.

What Our Clients Say About Us

IT Consulting

We are IT experts that have been doing this quite a while. We tackle some complex technology projects and scenarios. Ranging from M&A technology consolidation, on premise to cloud, or cloud to cloud migrations.

Developing a roadmap of where you want to be, how to get there with budget, and compliance in mind is how we approach every onboarded client.

IT Support

You call, we answer it is that simple. We have a manned helpdesk. When you have an issue, an IT expert will answer the phone. No receptionist, no phone tree. A real-life IT technician. Based in our US Offices.

IT Project Management

From consulting, to planning, to project management; our IT experts plan every project with meticulous detail. We have been doing this since 2001 and well-planned projects have great results, little to no downtime, and create a better overall network infrastructure.

IT Innovation

A great infrastructure means efficiency, redundancy, security, and a plan that makes sense. Technology changes fast. Our teams consult on a variety of vertices ranging from funerals home to public pharmaceuticals. Looking at a variety of infrastructure helps us be innovative across many different scenarios.

A great IT infrastructure doesn’t mean supporting what is in place, it means continued innovation!
Mike Goodman CEO

Companies We Work With


Let us handle your infrastructure so you can worry about others!

Working in architecture, especially in recent years, can rely heavily on technology. Design programs and software, email for communications, and team collaboration tools are integral to your firm running smoothly, especially in the era we are living in with so many remote workers. Here at Z Networks, we understand the high importance of this. Over the last 20 years, we have worked with 75+ different architecture firms from mom-and-pop shops to large enterprises, offering consultancy, IT support and services, and project planning and implementation.


Every employee trained in HIPAA compliance!

The healthcare industry has started implementing more technology in recent years. With most places implementing electronic health records, incorporating video visit technology, all while needing to stay in compliance with HIPAA regulations. It is not always the easiest to find an IT company that can help with it all. Over the last 20 years we have worked with countless healthcare professionals from small private practices up to large corporations like Kaiser Permanente. Here at Z Networks, we have the expertise to assist you with any IT related issues you may have, while staying in compliance. From helpdesk to project management and everything in between!

Non Profit

Budget friendly options!

If you are in the nonprofit business, then you know the importance that technology has on the day-to-day work. With needing to communicate and collaborate easily with in an organization, making sure data management systems and infrastructure are in compliance, and staying on strict budgets, the number of options for IT providers isn’t always large when it comes to these needs. Here at Z Networks, we have worked with many nonprofits, from small to enterprise sized organizations. We have the expertise and solutions needed to stay in compliance and keep your organization running smooth!

Wealth Management

Systems always handled!

Being in wealth management can rely on technology for things such as financial planning software, CRM systems, and data analysis systems. These things are essential most of the time to getting your work completed. Here at Z Networks, we have experience working with small and large wealth management firms and have the experience to make sure your systems and devices are in tip top shape, so you can get the more important things done!


Education is the key to success!

Here at Z Networks, we take your IT needs seriously so when it comes to education you can trust we will stop at nothing to keep your schools and administrations up to date and secure. We take pride in being a one stop shop for all your IT needs, but we also take pride in nurturing the minds of your students and staff. With the best solutions available to you whether its something as complicated as building a server tailored to your specific needs or something as simple as setting up a workstation Z Networks has got you covered. As we like to say here at Z Networks “Be better than great”.

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