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We are a fun fast paced tech company that has innovation and absolute great customer services as the root of our existence.

You will be challenged, You will be the Hero!

We hire the best of the best! You get to work with some of the brightest, most talented technical minds out there. Plus, our benefits aren’t too shabby either!

100% Health & Dental

Z Networks covers 100% health & dental insurance for you and your dependents under the age of 21.


Z Networks provides 10 days paid time off annually.

Sick Time

Sick time is earned on an accrual basis. By accruing sick time you are able to save your time off for planned vacations.

Holiday Time off

In addition to all these great benefits, Z Network offers you up to 8 paid time off holidays a year!

Career Opportunities

Why work for Z Networks? There are many reasons to work for Z Networks starting with the people, the benefits, the fast paced work environment and most importantly the potlucks!

Title State City Date Posted Info

Training Opportunities

Admin & Sales

Your primary training will be done at your home office. Within the first 6 weeks, you will travel to our headquarters to meet the team and get more in-depth training on compliance and processes.

Technician Training

There is 6 weeks of initial training for technical staff. 3 of those weeks you will travel to our headquarters and 2 other locations. The initial 6 weeks is a focus on standard operating procedures, compliance, and processes.

Advanced Training - All Positions

Once you decide you are ready for the next steps, you may request advanced training, regardless of if there is a position open or not. We provide more in-depth training on defined positions, giving employees an opportunity to experience a variety of positions so they can determine what their long-term career goals are.

Advanced Training Opportunities

• Planning
• Escalation
• Coverage Teams
• Accounting
• Account Executive
• Leadership
• Security
• Sales Engineer
• Cloud
• R&D
• Recruiting
• HR

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